Short Run Digital Printing

Hard cover books books are shipped in 2-3 weeks and paperbacks are shipped in approximately 1 week, once order information and all files have been received and samples have been approved. Turn times for large page count books may be slightly longer depending on quantity. Your Book Partners’ representative can estimate turn time for your book.

Print on Demand

Turn times for hard cover and paperback products are shorter than Short Run products and should be discussed with your representative.

Inventory Fulfillment and Distribution

Turn times are increased using our Inventory Fulfillment and Distribution services. Product is produced and inventoried by us according to guidelines you establish. Orders are processed and shipped the same day to your customers. You inventory is replenished by us as inventory is reduced by orders, based on pre-determined guidelines.

Rush Service

Rush service are available if production time allows. Customer service should be contacted if a rush order may be needed. A rush order fee will be applied.

NOTE: Turn times do not include shipping for either Short Run or Print on Demand products.


Samples are available on any order for an additional cost. We recommend a sample be requested prior to proceeding with the production run. This ensures that you get what you expect, and if any changes are needed, they can be made before the order is produced. When a sample as not been requested or have been waived, any issues or problems with orders produced are the responsibility of the customer.

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