Book Partners offers a variety of size, cover and binding options for hard cover books.


Standard sizes are portrait sizes of 5.5” x 8.5”, 6” x 9”, 7” x 10” and 8.5” x 11”, but other sizes, including landscape, can be done. Sizes are based on finished size of book. The final trim size of text will always be smaller than the finish size of the book.

Cover Options

Hard covers can be either digitally printed in color, or made of B-Cloth, Summit™ * or leather.

B-Cloth and Summit™ Color Options

Cloth and leather covers can be type-stamped or die-stamped with your custom designs on the front cover, spine, back or any combination of the three in several foil colors.

Printed full color covers are produced from a file that you provide. Your file that should include the front cover, spine, back cover and wraps. Use our on-line template to assist with the layout, design and size. All covers are laminated in your choice of gloss, linen or matte finish lamination and wrapped and glued on heavy board before binding with the text.

Binding and Leaf Attachment Options

Leaf attachment is the process of attaching the individual pages (leaves) of a book together to form one consolidated text block. We offer various leaf attachment options, depending on the size, thickness of the book and type of printing.


We offer a variety of paper stocks, including the following:

50# white
60# white
70# white
60# vanilla

80# gloss
100# gloss
80# matte


Text printing is done in color, black and white, or a combination of both to meet the specific needs of customers. You provide a print ready PDF file with all fonts embedded.


Many other options are available including dust jackets, signature pages, custom or special end sheets, head and tail bands, and shrink wrapping.

Our customer service representatives can help you decide the best options for your books.

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