Cover Templates

This template tool will help you layout and design your cover or just jacket. Based on the size of the book, number of pages and type of paper, this template tool will provide the layout for
your cover or dust jacket. Simply enter the information as requested and press Generate Template, and a printable template will be created to help you design your cover.

Template Generator

Paper Options

We offer a variety of paper stocks, including the following:

50# white
60# white
70# white
60# vanilla

80# gloss
100# gloss

Material Color Options for Hard Cover

Hard cover books have two cover options, cloth and printed. If you would like cloth covers, you have a choice of B-Cloth or Summit™. Each are available in different colors.

Material Color Options

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Leather and other specialty covers and bindings are also available. Binding with leather and other specialty materials and binding options look great and are generally more expensive and require a longer turn time. Our customer service representatives can help you with specific details that are required for these.

Leaf Attachment Guidelines

Leaf attachment is the process of attaching the individual pages (leaves) of a book together to form one consolidated text block. We offer various leaf attachment options, depending on the size, thickness of the book and type of printing.


Text is bound by fanning the spine one way and applying adhesive then fanning the text the opposite direction and applying adhesive. Typically the spine is milled and notched prior to the fanning and applying adhesive to maximize contact of the paper to the adhesive and increase the strength of the binding.

This type of binding is very durable and normally used on thinner books or children’s books with a bulk(text thickness) of less than 3/8”.  Cloth reinforced end sheets are added to the front and the back of the text and than the text is sewn along the spine in one continuous pass, through the cloth reinforcing and text block. The sewing is approximately .5” into the text so this should be considered when laying out pages and margins.

Sometimes also called Smyth sew, folded signatures are provided and are attached to one another to create a text block by sewing through the fold.

Typically used when binding periodicals and monographs. Generally used on thicker text blocks with at least 5/8 inch inner margin after trimming. Thin sections of leaves(pages) are sewn to one another, in succession.

The process of creating or converting hard cover books from soft cover or paperback books by removing covers, milling spines, adding new end sheets, creating new covers and casing the hard cover book. A low cost alternative for creating quality hard cover books from soft cover books, eliminating the higher additional costs of printing and binding additional hard cover books and maintaining high soft cover inventory levels.

File Submission

Files can be submitted by FTP, email or on CD. We suggest using FTP. Our customer service representative can provide instructions for uploading files. Existing customers can sign in to our FTP and upload their files.
It is important that files be properly formatted prior to sending to us.

FTP How To